About us

Since its establishment, Chain Kou Mei Enterprise Co. Ltd’s mission has been to bring gourmet foods to everyone. The Company is devoted to product development  to create more varieties and flavors. In pursuit of  high quality and reputation, the Company has been certified with ISO 22000 and HCCP for carrying out its mission.


Main products -   

Fruit jelly, konjac jelly, juice bars, yogurt popsicles, egg pudding, brown sugar pudding, and more. We deliver products to the customers after strict tests and quality control. We are very confident  in our products.


The Newest Products-

Chain Kou Mei successfully developed a series of healthy jelly products including collagen jelly bars, lutein jelly bars, lactic acid jelly bars, smooth digestion jelly bars, and more. In addition to our own brand, we work jointly with our customers to develop customized products.


Main Channels -

We maintain good relationships with large and small wholesalers and retailers based on the flexible adjustments we offer according to the demands of our customers. Besides the domestic market, the Company has been committed to the expansion of international markets to bring our products to customers around the world.


Contact Method:

Chain Kou Mei Enterprise CO., Ltd.

Address: #12, Lane 11, Alley 264, Jhongshan North Rd., Yongkang District, Tainan City

Email: ckmjelly@gmail.com